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Watch the testimonial video on Youtube It’s a great workout!

It's a great workout! I personally have a gym membership right down the street from my house, but I really do prefer this much more than any gym, than any other place where you can work out. You have workout partners, you have a personal trainer right here for you that can help you every step of the way with motivation and everything. It's just the way to go.
by Isaiah Blueford
Isaiah is a High School Varsity Football Player, Varsity Wrestler

I can workout with Global Fitness on MY schedule!


I recently joined Global Fitness and did my first GFC workout a few days ago. I could NOT keep up with you guys! I consider myself to be in pretty good shape and try to workout as often as I can, but you and Wyatt pushed me to my limit, for sure. I had to take several little breaks and modify some of the moves, but I didn't want to back down. I thought, "If you can do it, so can I." You made me want to continue and give my best! What I really like about Global Fitness is how friendly and encouraging you are on screen. You are just normal people doing what you love and having fun doing it. That helps me to enjoy it more, too. I love that I don't have to come up with my own plan - all I have to do is follow your instructions. It couldn't be more convenient. And I don't even need a lot of equipment to do it. I am also looking forward to trying some of the meal plans you provide. Thanks for the great workouts, Brian! I'll be tuning in on a regular basis. Your "Fitness on Demand" feature allows me to workout on MY schedule and is totally worth the low membership price. Thanks again for making fitness so much fun!

by Tammy Becker from Downtown Fitness

Tammy is a founding member and owner of Downtown Fitness, a fitness center in Reedsburg, WI. It may seem strange that someone who owns a gym would join Global Fitness, but the convenience of Fitness on Demand allows her to get in a great workout when it fits her schedule, without actually having to be at the gym during her off hours. Tammy is also a certified nutrition coach, leading nutrition classes on a monthly basis and coaching clients to better health individually.

I’m in!

Brian Kelly is one of the most intelligent and authentic guys I know. He could sell Girl Scout cookies or trips to the moon...either way, I'm in!
by David Fagan from Icon Builder Media
David is an award winning Marketing and Media expert. His current clients include everyone from Paul Stanley with KISS to Beverly Hills Restaurants like Natalee Thai. In recent months, his organizations have represented Brian Tracy, the motivational speaker, and Jump Jet, a private jet company. In previous years, the client list has included 34 Grammy Winners, 44 NY Times Best Sellers, 58 Academy Award Winners, and INC 500 companies.

Watch the testimonial video on Youtube There Is Definitely Some Improvement!

When we started doing this, right in your home ... super easy, every day. Get up in the morning, knock it out, become a member. You'll see my before and after pictures. There is definitely some improvement, and you'll love it too! And remember, Effort In Equals Results Out!

by Derek Moard from Grab-N-Go Healthy Snacks
Derek Moard is a Paleo nutrition expert and CEO of Grab-N-Go Healthy Snacks.

Watch the testimonial video on Youtube Takes Away All The Excuses!


This is a completely online fitness solution that takes away all the excuses about working out. It's a ball buster, but that's what KICKASS people need!

by Christopher Rausch from The KICKASS Guide To Life

Christopher Rausch, creator of The KICKASS Guide to Life, is a professional and inspirational keynote speaker.