About The Founder

Brian KellyBrian Kelly
Brian Kelly is a Certified Personal Trainer and founder of Global Fitness Club, an internet-based venue that provides live online workouts free of charge. His mission is not just to end the trend of obesity, but also to end the trend of what he calls "F.D.D.", or, Fitness Deficit Disorder - a condition often found in busy business professionals, moms, and students.
Brian founded Global Fitness Club at the age of 48 after receiving alarming results from a routine health screen. From that moment, he vowed to commit to his own health and fitness, and is now sharing his mission with everyone who has the desire to get and/or stay fit.

Our Mission

To provide people from all walks of life with a more convenient means of making fitness a priority in their lives, rather than a mere “afterthought”.
We want to help end the trend of obesity and poor health by transforming peoples lives through fitness and nutrition.